Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fresh Tracks...

A beautiful panorama cannot even come close to capturing the beauty of these mountains!    

Brian in his element.
Loving the 4 hour ski imitation workout knowing the real thing is only a few weeks away.

This photo could have ended with a serious whitewash to the looser.
Instead I gave myself one!

And we decided to kiss instead.

Less than 30 minutes away Brian enjoys his well earned Mazama Store Baguette in a t-shirt!

Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Brian and I use the morning as an opportunity to get out into the high mountains and go for an adventure. This week brought the excitement of possible snow on the ground and we both couldn't resist the desire to play in it! We headed 30 minutes north to Rainy Pass and were psyched to find almost 4 inches on the ground. After two hours of moose-hoofing (ski imitation bounding) we were at Cutthroat Pass 7,000ft and plowing through over a foot of fluffy powder! We were some very happy winter athletes! We posed for some photos and then descended down the mountain in another snow squall. When we reached the bottom we went and checked put Rainy Lake to see if there was skiable snow along the paved path. After analyzing the conditions and looking at the weather forecast it looks like we could be skiing on Tuesday!!! We are thrilled. Training has been going very well, Brian is the fittest and fastest I have ever seen him, and the race season starts in just a few weeks! Coming to the Methow to join Brian this fall has been one of the best decisions of my life, after of course saying YES :)