Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skijoring with Lahti

This past week Lahti and I had the chance to get out for a ski with the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation's Anwatin Ski Team. This is a team that I worked with in the fall. The kids usually meet after school at the Anwatin Middle School, which conveniently abuts the City of Lakes Loppet/Theodore Wirth Trails, and ski from there. On Monday however there was no school but a few of the more committed girls showed up for the Skijoring practice.

Lahti has been staying at a Husky/Skijoring boarding kennel while I have been off racing from November through January. I am always sad to leave him but I know he is in very good hands. He gets to hang out with other huskies and pull all kinds of objects alone and with a team of dogs. As far as huskies go, it is like summer camp in the winter. He has a kennel mate named Bjorn and the two of them get along great!

Lahti, who is a rescue dog from the humane society, has become a very lovable guy. He has finally opened up and shows a great fondness for children. He is used by the skijoring kennel as a demo dog and now has quite a following.

Next week is the Skijoring National Championships at Theodore Wirth Park. Lahti and I have been out training together A LOT and I have to say it is some of the best skiing I have ever done! I am looking forward to the event and will update about how we do!

Here are some photos of the kids training with Lahti!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Racing Ahead

After a mixed group of results at US Nationals. I was 4th in the 20K Skate, Qualified 3rd in the Sprint and finished 12th, and a 29th in the 10K Classic (just a bad day). I got the news that I would not be selected for the 2011 World Championship Team. I was dissapointed but also a bit refreshed. This would be my first year without a Championships or the Olympics in a long time. This will be my first year home in the month of February since 2006!!! I think it is important in the career of an athlete, to have both good and not so good years. They help balance not only results but also your competitive drive and your expectations. I think a year "off" is exactly what I need.

So as I prepare for my next races I am also preparing for a major event happening here in the Twin Cities. I have a number of Super Tour Events, a number of local marathons and of course the Birkie!!!
But the biggest event will be the 2011 Junior Olympics taking place at Theodore Wirth Park. I am really looking forwrad to helping and inspiring the next generation of skiers in the country!

Lots of racing this weekend on te JO Courses. More updates to come.