Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skijoring with Lahti

This past week Lahti and I had the chance to get out for a ski with the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation's Anwatin Ski Team. This is a team that I worked with in the fall. The kids usually meet after school at the Anwatin Middle School, which conveniently abuts the City of Lakes Loppet/Theodore Wirth Trails, and ski from there. On Monday however there was no school but a few of the more committed girls showed up for the Skijoring practice.

Lahti has been staying at a Husky/Skijoring boarding kennel while I have been off racing from November through January. I am always sad to leave him but I know he is in very good hands. He gets to hang out with other huskies and pull all kinds of objects alone and with a team of dogs. As far as huskies go, it is like summer camp in the winter. He has a kennel mate named Bjorn and the two of them get along great!

Lahti, who is a rescue dog from the humane society, has become a very lovable guy. He has finally opened up and shows a great fondness for children. He is used by the skijoring kennel as a demo dog and now has quite a following.

Next week is the Skijoring National Championships at Theodore Wirth Park. Lahti and I have been out training together A LOT and I have to say it is some of the best skiing I have ever done! I am looking forward to the event and will update about how we do!

Here are some photos of the kids training with Lahti!

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