Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back in the UP for CXC REG and Dream Camps

This past week I have been pack in the UP.  Marquette, MI is home to my Alma matter Northern Michigan University and the host of this year's Central Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp.  The USSA holds a camp for the top juniors in each of the four regions: Easter, Central, Western and Alaska.  This is a development project that my former coach Bryan Fish has been in charge of the last several years and a great opportunity for many of the top skiers to train together.  It is important to me that I give back to this next generation of skiers whom I am excited to follow in the years to come and on a more selfish note it is a really fun and great training opportunity for me as well. 

Enjoying a group run on the first day of camp

Each camp includes an uphill running time trial.  Under 10 minutes for most up Marquette Mountain.

We have a strong group of athletes in town.  It if fun for the girls from different Clubs to get to know each other, push each other and become stronger together.

Coach Fish lining us out on the day's workout

The agility test has been added to the REG camps in recent years to promote basic athleticism and coordination on skis.  I had fun taking on the obstacle course.

Coinciding with the REG camp for U20, U18, and U16 Juniors, is the CXC Dream Camp for U14 athletes.  I gave a presentation one night for the group about Dreaming Big, Working Hard, Having Fun and my journey to the World Championship bronze medal. 

Signing posters for the kids

Warming up for strength in the Superiordome

Why use weights when you can use chains

LNR Girls Camp Take 2

In mid June I joined my Club Loppet Nordic Racing (LNR) for their second training camp of the year (here is a link to our first camp re-cap LNR Girlz Camp: Adventure Weekend) up in Cable, WI. It's amazing to be a part of such a strong club. The camps have become so popular that this year we spit up the Boys and Girls and we still had 39 Girls attend the camp ranging in age from 13 to 19. 

Morning Run with the crew
As an extra incentive to make sure everyone is on time, those who are late have to do a dance for the entire group.  If you are late on Day 2, the dance is posted to Facebook.

With everyone on time we decided to do a group dance and warm up

Wet grass didn't keep us from our morning drills, we simple adapted to a large group barre line on the stairs!

The girls looking good!
Preparing for our double pole workout with a touch of technique work
Happy Campers
Bounding with poles up Mt. Telemark.  
Strong Ladies
We used two different 5 minute routes up the hill to help keep our 8 intervals more interesting.

We have a blast training as a big group!  Abbie is just finishing up a PG year with LNR before heading to Dartmouth this Fall.  
Pull ups are one of my favorite exercises and many of the girls stated improving at pullups was a big goal of theirs this season.  

Playground strength

You can do a lot of strength exercises with just the equipment at your local playground

Group strength

Enjoying a lunch break of Pizza at the halfway point of a 6+ hour training day

Thanks River's Eatery for the delicious fuel!

Cable, WI has some of the best roller skiing out there!

Nice pavement

Rolling Terrain

Endless options
Capping off a great week of training with ice cream on the drive back to the Twin Cities