Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yellowstone Adventure!!

Photo Toko USA
First Skate Race of the Season in West Yellowstone, MT

Photo Toko USA
First Classic Race of the Season in West Yellowstone, MT
 After the first races were over the CXC Team stayed an extra week out in West Yellowstone, MT to train. This past week has been perfect with great skiing and lots of snow! I had my best training week of the year with lots of hours and quality intensity. The week was capped off by an amazing adventure Brian and I took into Yellowstone National Park. We skied out to the Hot Springs and back which ended up being about
4-1/2 hours of skiing! It was about 50K of skiing!!!

The CXC Team is off again on another road adventure this time to Silver Star, B.C. I love racing in Silver Star and look forward to racing feeling 100%. 

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