Monday, March 14, 2011

The Junior Olympics in Minneapolis, MN

No, I did not race in the Junior Olympics but after the fun filled week here at Theodore Wirth I feel like I did!
I heard that the Twin Cities was in contention for the Junior Olympics in 2011 a few years ago. When they were awarded the event everyone here in the Twin Cities were pretty excited and ready to show the country what we've got here!

Countless hours and labor went into making the JO's go off without a hitch. The courses were ready, the volunteers were ready and all of the other events and accommodations were in place, the only thing left was the snow. Every effort was made to get a snowmaking system and loop that would accommodate such a major event if mother nature was not cooperating.

Thankfully, Minneapolis was blessed with the most snow we have seen in the past 7 years I have been living here. The week of the event came and the temperatures remand cold making the snow absolutely perfect yet warm enough for the spectators to enjoy.

I had the honor of being recognized for my achievements in the past couple of years, and recognizing the outstanding achievements of the racers throughout the week, by presenting the medals at the awards ceremony.I spoke to the audience of parents, coaches and athletes about never assuming you cannot achieve something without even attempting it first.

The highlight of the event was watching the J1/OJ Girl's relay where the Midwest team took first. Not only was it great to see the Midwest succeeding but it was even more special because of my connection to the girls who won. I have spent time with each of them over the past year and I hope that they have learned a lot from training, racing, living  and just hanging out with me.

I am so proud of Jessie, Libby, and Elizabeth!!! I can't wait to see what they can do in the future :)

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