Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back in Vermont

It's late March and the end of the ski season is upon us. After racing (or cheering) in Italy Brian and I flew straight into Burlington, Vermont. We stayed with our (new) friends Tom and Anna in Burlington and reminisce about Minnesota before heading over the mountains to Craftsbury. When we arrived in Craftsbury the weather was sunny, clear and a balmy 77F. Brian and I moved into our home for the next two weeks with our wonderful hostesses Rebecca and Olivia. Every morning we are greeted with free-range eggs, beautiful views and the freshest and best tasting milk I have ever had. We are so lucky!!
Olivia is part of the after school running group called Run Girls Run. I joined her and her classmate Anna for a 3 mile run and then lead them through a routine of stretches and core exercises. 
After our run Olivia and I met with the younger Run Girls Run group and we talked to them about the Olympics and how far running can take you! The girls were psyched to have a new running partner and Olivia and I joined them as they ran aroung the common across from the school.

We have our first races tomorrow. We will both be racing the 3K prologue. The snow has been hit pretty hard here in the Northeast Kingdom. We are lucky to be skiing at all considering the warm weather from the past week. We will keep you updated on the remaining race schedule as we find out about it.

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