Sunday, May 6, 2012

Volunteering with Grils on the Run and Athleta!!!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer for a running race here in the Twin Cities! The event was called Get in Gear and I have run it a handful of times in previous years. The race had volunteers for various non-profit organizations work at a particular water stop. I was there representing Girls on the Run and Athleta! If our water stop (#2) was the most "fun" Girls on the Run would receive and extra $500 donation!

After fueling up on some coffee and sports drink we started making the most of the dreary and cold Saturday morning! The event was a half-marathon so we had plenty of time to set up tables and thousands of water and sports drink cups! I was shocked at how much liquids we went through despite the cooler weather! People are being smart and hydrating! I like it :)

I had a blast working with both Girls on the Run and Athleta at the event. Both groups are filled with energetic and hard-working individuals. I love what they do! I think they enjoyed having me around to keep the energy high! (I was really just trying not to freeze!). I had a few runners come through who recognized me and a whole lot of people who thanked all of us for volunteering!

Like I said before I have run this race in the past but that seems easy compared to the work that goes into these water stops! I was amazed at how gracious people were and how good it made me feel that they appreciated our help! I can't wait to thank all the volunteers at the next event I race in!!! Especially if it is 40F and raining :)

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