Sunday, August 12, 2012

Colorado Dreaming

 Hello From beautiful Colorado! I am currently at my first full training camp of the year in Telluride with the CXC Team. It's been a great camp so far filled with mostly distance training in the form of long hikes/ runs and roller skiing. Colorado is absolutely beautiful and despite the additional 8,500 ft of elevation I am starting to feel really good. I think the key has been the amount of water/ sports drink I have been drinking and the opportunity to relax between training sessions and soak up the hard work I am putting in.
Most of the team is comprised of junior athletes from the Midwest and primarily girls! I have had a blast hanging out with them and providing perspective about life as an elite athlete. We have a super talented team this year and I look forward to hopefully traveling with these girls during the winter as well.

The View from the top!


A break for lunch near the peak of Lizard Head.

The all-important balancing pose.        

I will be here in Colorado until Thursday and will then join Brian in the Methow Valley. It feels so good to have completed my work and school last week and to now be able to relax and train again!

OH Yeah!!! I had such a blast finally getting to WATCH the Olympics here in Telluride. Congrats to all the Amazing ITA athletes who Competed:)


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