Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ski with the Stars!

On Top of the Podium!

This past week was the Tour de Twin Cities. Unfortunately there wasn't much snow but fortunately the best man-made snow loop is right out our back door here in North Minneapolis. Brian and I love nothing more than racing close enough to home so that we can run and bike to the start!!! Talk about "being green." We had a blast all week and despite a cold weather delay on the classic sprint day we ended the week on a great note! Both Gregg's Won a Super Tour on the same day! This was certainly a first for us but hopefully not the last time it happens.
I was able to move up to 2nd overall in the Tour!

We both started the day with one goal. To win and it feels great to make the top of the podium for the first time this year together :)

Despite the multiple competitions, 5 all together, there were still a few "training days" in the middle of the week that gave the Super Tour athletes a chance to give back to the local ski community. On Wednesday night Brian and I were able to gather up a total 26 Super Tour athletes for a "Ski with the Stars" event. 32 kids from the local Minnesota Youth Ski League came out and paired up with a super tour athlete for a team sprint event. The night was frigid, with windchill values approaching -35F but the kids and athletes had a blast.
Matt, Brian and Jennie racing in their puffy jackets!
My teammate Garret and I at the tag off!
Kids and Stars getting ready for their leg of the relay.
Brian and I go an Apple Pie for organizing the event! The Best thank you ever!

After the event most of the super tour athletes were treated to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. It was a great night to get together with athletes from different teams and hang out together during the season.
The Super Tour athletes after a fun evening and warm dinner.

Brian and I are now relaxing for one day, and helping to shovel the newly fallen snow for the upcoming City of Lakes Loppet, before we head out west for the next super tour events.

We have also been in the process of redefining our own blog We decided that there is more to our story then just training and racing and we wanted to share the other parts of our lives with our fans. We hope you visit to learn how we make skiing and our work in the North Minneapolis community work so well together.

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