Monday, October 21, 2013

Park City to Canmore

The training season is quickly coming to a close as the first ski races are now only weeks away! In fact, we have a classic sprint and 10K time trial on snow in only a few days. Before the season starts we enter the hardest part of our training year. This year we have been fortunate to be able to travel to both Utah and Canmore to train alongside the US National Team athletes and other top Club athletes. The training has been focusing on high intensity and that is no small feet at almost 8,000 FT! Especially for some of us "flat landers!"
Dakota and Matt get ready for our 3.5 hour OD in the mountains!
It's been great to be out West and get the chance to work with our coach from the Methow Olympic Development Project. We are very fortunate that he understands our need to balance our travel time with plenty of time in Minneapolis, MN to work with our In-the-Arena program.

Working with Scott on our OFF day!
Training has been going great and it has been nice to be with the National Team coaches as we prepare for a very important Olympic qualifying races. I was originally going to be joining a group from Maine for some early season races in Munio Finland, however, I decided to change my plans so I could build into the season a bit more.

After Park City we traveled up to Canmore, AB for the second half of our Fall travels. We are loving being back on snow and the transition was very easy this year after our trip to the Eagle Glacier in August!

 I have been very happy with my Madshus Skis this year! Switching companies is a difficult decision and even more risky in an Olympic Year. So far the decision was a very good one as my skis are much better than any other year and the people within the company are completely behind me and my efforts! Yeah!!!
Our first day at Frozen Thunder 

As always it has been great to share these days and the journey with Brian. We enjoy thinking about how much diversity we have in our lives between traveling to mountain resort towns and working and living in the inner city. It's a great contrast that we enjoy being able to experience and learn from.

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