Monday, March 24, 2014

Still Racing (up in Alaska)

Team Gregg never too busy for a quick fist bump before the start!
My World Cup season ended on a high note with a top 25 finish in the final 10K Skate pursuit race in Falun, Sweden. The significance of this result is that it is the same format and race course for the 2015 World Championships less than 11 months away!
Psyched to be in Falun!

The Falun Ski Jumps rebuilt for the 2015 World Championships!

Awesome to run into Sarah Willis, who is from Minnesota and now working in Sweden, at the races! She was a huge help and awesome cheer squad!

Post 10K Apple Pie! MY FAVORITE :)

Andrea Dupont (of Cananda) also enjoying a POST-World Cup Finals treat! Yumm!
After packing everything up and heading to the airport in Stockholm I was surprised by Brian in Frankfort and enjoyed a wonderful 10+ hour flight sitting next to my husband rather than a stranger :) We then boarded another plane for a 5+ hour flight up to Anchorage, AK. Our season has been so incredible this year and with each passing venue and race we continue to look forward to our next adventure. The same held true for this final set of races. With the Super Finals being held in Alaska, Brian couldn't help but be excited and his excitement is contagious, so I was equally as fired up!

The Team Gregg band back together!!!

Missed my silly husband over the past two months!

The first race of the series was the 10/15K Skate races. This is our best event to be held this week and we both looked forward to the windy and hilly course. I had a fantastic result (best of the season) placing 3rd behind World Cup overall Sprint Champ Kikkan Randall and World Championship 5th place finisher (in the same format) Liz Stephens! Brian's race was solid but certainly not his best and he looks forward to rebounding each and everyday going forward.

Brian cheering me on as I approach the finish in the 10K Skate!

Our amazing hosts the Burkholders! SO much fun to hang out with them.

Women's Podium

After yesterday's Classic Sprint, which was honestly a bit of a struggle for me, I was able to secure the Overall Super Lead and will now have start rights to the early season World Cups next fall. I am beyond excited about this opportunity going forward.

Brian and I are busy working on the details of our summer training and work schedule and we are getting ready for some even better turnouts for our Run Club Workouts and 5K Event! With so much going on it's amazing to look back and remember how incredible our season was this year and how grateful we are for all of the support from those who were behind us! We love what we are doing and wouldn't want to be anyone or anywhere else in the World!

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