Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summertime fun at Adventure Camp

The past two weeks have continued to be a whirlwind for Brian and I! We started off the first week by bringing the Boys and Girls Club Kids to the City of Lakes Loppet Foundation's Adventure Camp.
The Camp is an awesome opportunity for the kids to be outside all day long while introducing them to all kinds of activities that help keep them healthy. The week was a blast and all the kids were tired in the best of ways come Friday. We hope to bring another crew from the Boys and Girls Club to adventure camp next month as well. A huge Thank You goes out to the Loppet Foundation for providing scholarships for these kids to attend camp. There were lots of donors who made this opportunity possible.

Picking the Kids up at the Boys and Girls Club

The Fruitshare Organic apples ready for camp

The apples are always an instant success!

A good way to start a day at camp.

Brian teaching the kids a few juggling skills.

Orienteering. The first group of the day gets to "hide" the markers for the rest of the campers.

Rollerskiing friends

Ultimate Frisbee.

Our Boys and Girls Club crew was the Green Group for the week of camp.

More rollerskiing practice.

Everyone got their own water bottle to stay hydrated through a long day of camp.

Having fun with the kids on the way to and from Theodore Wirth Park.

Getting the plan for the day.

Making lunches for 11 hungry kids! I have never made so many sandwiches.

Ready to spend the day outside.

Mountain Biking is always a huge hit at Adventure Camp.

Even rainy days turn into fun times.

Learning from the local Olympian!

Lots and lots of biking at camp.

Last day celebration snack brought in the LLBean ITA tote bag :)
Brian and I competed in an off-road triathlon this weekend, also hosted by the City of Lakes Loppet. The triathlon was paddling, running and then mountain biking. I felt great and finished higher and was faster than last year (always a good sign that training is on track!). Brian wasn't so lucky in the paddle and ended up tipping his canoe in the middle of the lake (the wind was very high and the waves huge!) so he had to swin back to shore and start all over! He still managed to catch me with a mile before the finish!

After a few rain showers rolled through the Twin Cities that afternoon (and after a long nap!) Brian and I got to work on our afternoon session of training. We finished the day with a beautiful jog around Wirth Lake with our husky Lahti.

My favorite running partner!

Amazing Minnesota sunset.

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Caitlin said...

What a great week! Wow, it's amazing that you have time to teach, play, cook, train, AND compete!