Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fast and Female at Super Tour Finals

After a long travel day from Oslo, Norway Brian and I arrived in Boise, Idaho with all of our belongings! We traveled the next day up to Sun Valley and settled in for the final 10 days of our season. The weather has been warm during the day and cold during the night which leaves the courses very icy when we get up to ski! I am not a fan of ice but this week I am even less of a fan! Unfortunately I suffered a concussion during my last race on the World Cup! It was the prestigious Holmenkollen 30K and I was skiing in 8th place when I got hit in the head by a feed bottle while I was traveling very fast! The blow was hard but I couldn't believe how bad it really was. A week later and I am still feeling the concussion symptoms and not quite like myself. I have skipped two of the races here but I have made a point to be involved with the Ski Community as much as possible. This included an awesome Fast and Female event on Thursday.

The Fast and Female was held up a Galena Lodge where the sun was shining and the sun was plentiful! A large number of athletes who are here for Super Tour finals were on hand to volunteer which was great! About 40 girls came out for a day of inspiration and activities.

Big Thanks to Galena Lodge.
Sharing our hometown's and our power animals!
The Orange "Caitlin" Group Leaders

Fun in the sun!
Learning downhill technique from Becca!
You need to ski up if you want to ski down!

Agility course Hoola hoops!
Even lower hurdles to get under.
Dance Station
The girls had a blast and I was able to share my Bronze Medal Story with them which means so much to me! I am so excited to get home and head into the Boys and Girls Club. I have already started my planning and organizing for run club and I have my eye on an early season running race this year!!!

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