Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fast and Female at LL Bean Mall of America

Fast and Female came to Minneapolis for the first time ever with two power hours at the LL Bean store at the Mall of America. Since I have been training at altitude in Utah I made a special trip home for the event.  Fast and Female is a non profit started by 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Chandra Crawford.  The goal of Fast and Female is to support, motivate, inspire and empower girls age 9 to 19 to stick to sports and the healthy lifestyle.   These goals align well with In The Arena and LL Bean.  LL Bean stepped up today as the presenting sponsor and even made the event today free.

Pretty cool to have all of the women who have won medals at the World Championships to lead the event

Gearing up for a big day and what do you know I am wearing 100% LL Bean

My day started early with my 3 hours distance run in the morning.  Plus I had to round up my Run Club girls who have really been looking forward to the event.  The Boys and Girls club is closed on the weekends which means a few can meet at the Club and others need to be picked up at home.  One family called me that their car had been towed the night before and the kids weren't going to make it, but a special trip up to New Brighton to pick them up and the van was full.  I am also really happy that my neighbor girls were able to come with to the event.
Video highlights from of the event

I came back a day early to get things in order.  I met up with the LNR girls for a group interval session up one of our favorite climbs in Afton.  Sarah just had her wisdom teeth pulled and couldn't train but came out and drove us down the hill.  Pretty cool to see how strong this group of girls has become.
Ladies pushing each other and having fun

Dialing in the training and is intensity especially on days when you are traveling and busy

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