Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halfway through the Fall Park City Camp

We are already halfway through the annual Fall Park City Camp. This year, like most, brought fantastic weather for the first week with sunny skies and mild weather. We were able to log a fairly big week with two intensity sessions, two strength sessions, a speed session and two OD's all while adjusting to the higher altitudes. Once again Team Gregg is staying up at 8,300 ft. where we have been staying on and off throughout the summer and early fall. Returning to altitude has never been easier and I am glad the time and money we spent to stay out here is paying off.

Annie Hart and I representing the Power House at the USSA Center of Excellence.

Pistol Squats around the World! 
Working with Max the past 6 weeks allowed me to increase my testing scores across the board! I was stronger, more flexible, more powerful and leaner!
Working into some classic striding speeds with a headless horseman "watching."
Skating through Park City with perfect weather.
The past month and half has been the best training block of my career. I have been working up to 6 days a week with Tom and I can feel the difference it has made in my technique and motivation to push myself. Tom is out here in Utah with Brian and me and I couldn't be happier to have the consistency of the same coach at each workout.

Tom and I out on the trails above Deer Valley.
Although the focus of the camp has been on preparing for the upcoming season just over a month away, I have also been catching up with my US Ski Team teammates and other athletes from clubs around the country. It's been great to join so many top athletes and each day has been a important learning experience. Everyone has been spending quality time together during training but it has also been fun to connect at team dinners. It's been fun to hear about all the incredible things this group of athletes do outside of their training and racing lives!

The US Ski Team women minus Julia Kern.

Training as a big group makes me happy.

Amazing classic ski up American Fork.

We were able to stride for over an hour of the workout!

Approaching the top after almost 3.5 hours.
Next week will included a few more intensity, strength and speed sessions before we finish the camp with a mini-tour on rollerskis! Then it's back to Minnesota for 10 days before Tom and I head over to Europe for the on-snow camp and FIS races in Sweden the week before the World Cup!

Thanks to all the amazing donations Team Gregg received through our Fundly campaign and the willingness of the USST to be open to the idea, Tom will be joining me for not only the pre-season camp in Sweden but also the first 3 races on the World Cup!!! I have been traveling and competing on the World Cup, at the World Championships and at the Olympics but never had my own coach at any of the events. I am beyond excited and grateful that this opportunity came together this year!

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