Monday, October 3, 2016

New Partnership with Timber Ford of Hayward

Exciting News. Team Gregg is thrilled to partner with Timber Ford of Hayward through the 2018 PeyongChang Olympics. We are very excited to partner with Curt, Amy and the whole crew at Timber Ford of Hayward because they are such a strong part of the community.  Follow us and our Ford Escape on our journey over the next year and a half.  We are very happy to have a safe, reliable American made vehicle to get us to the trail head and to the start line.


After returning from Marquette I had a week of playing catch up on sleep, recovery and life. I knew we were training hard and a lot up in Marquette but I couldn't believe how tired it made me when we returned home!!! Continuing with the recent theme in my training I cut back quite a bit on volume during my time in Marquette and instead focused on my speed and intensity as well as quality recovery. Turns out there is a reason we don't do too much high volume and high intensity. After an easy week it was time to start training more volume and harder again. These past two weeks have been a great opportunity to be back with the Twin Cities ski community and get the opportunity to jump into a few local running events.

Tuesday night I headed over to St. Paul to get a great workout in with Endurance United. They were doing their second double pole only time trial.  It was a great 1.5 KM uphill test that was immediately followed by some more double pole and kick double pole intervals. It was fun to share some new technique topics with the group.
Head Coach of EU Jake Morgan and I go head to head in the TT!
The Tuesday night EU interval group!

My first running race of the fall was the Trail Loppet 13.1K. They also have a 1/2 Marathon and 5K event and it is held right out my back door on the Theodore Wirth trails. The City of Lakes Loppet Foundation puts on this event as well as the Tri-Loppet (a triathlon), the City Trail Race (10 Mile Urban Trail Run) and the City of Lakes Loppet Ski Races in the winter. Brian and I feel pretty lucky to be a part of such an awesome club that holds so many events, clinics and races in our neighborhood.
Biking to the start. We could also run but wanted to bring our bags so we could change for the after party!
Brian and I decided to race the 13.1K because we knew the following weekend we would be racing a half marathon and we wanted to feel good for both. Mission accomplished the 13.1K was the perfect distance to race without getting too fatigued. Brian and I felt great during our races and were able to win. We were happy with how we felt and that we were able to avoid any twisted ankles on the twisty and fun single track trails at Wirth.  It is so great to see how well the Loppet Foundation has helped so many people discover the beauty of Wirth Park.  A huge thank you to the many staff and volunteers who make our backyard a better place everyday!
Brian leading it out. Photo: Skinnyski
Hanging onto some men during the race. Photo: Skinnyski
Women's Podium
The Patrick Henry Nordic Team representing at the Trail Loppet.

Hanging out at our sponsor Hoigaard's tent after the race.
During this past week I was able to join the LNR juniors for a great bounding workout. We usually have one day a week at the local Hyland Alpine Hill. Although it is not very high we have been creative in finding ways to maximize the terrain and get in some pretty grueling 4 -5 min bounding intervals.
The boys starting out hard.
The girls not too far behind!
Trianna, myslef and Dottie post workout smiles.
Annie Hart (SMS) who was in town for almost two weeks to work with the community and at sponsor events. We had some great workouts and I really enjoyed sharing ideas and technique cues. I loved that we were able to have two sessions that were both of our favorites! One was a Classic Speed day and the other was an uphill Skate L-3/L-4 day. Max and Ashley our Strength coaches at the Powerhouse came out to help us with the Classic Speed day. It was so helpful to have Annie there to follow as well as Max and Ashley's suggestions on technique from a totally different perspective.
Team Madshus Ladies!
Great to have some video footage to analyze technique.
The day of the skate intervals we asked Annie's mom if she could help by driving us down the hill we were climbing after each interval. She graciously agreed and below is the most incredible post workout re-cap I could ever imagine!!! Thank you Holly Hart for all your support over the years!

Caitlin Gregg and Annie Hart Skate Intervals L3 to L4 finish approximately 6 minutes River Road Afton MN Sep 28 2016 from Anne Hart on Vimeo.

This past weekend was the Birkie Trail Run and Trek. The events included everything from a kids run through an Ultra 100K! Brian and I raced the hilly 1/2 marathon course and had a blast at the weekend's events as American Birkibeiner Ambassadors. Annie and Kyle Bratrud, who are also Birkie Ambassadors were also at the event signing autographs, leading the kids in agility and warm up drills for their races. Annie also ran the Marathon on the 3 person team!
Brian and Kyle leading the kids in a warm-up for their race!
Annie and Brian working with some young athletes at the expo the day before.
Hurdle Drills
The event expo was an awesome opportunity for Team Gregg to support our sponsors who support us so well.
Radio interview for the American Birkebeiner
FITS Socks
Daehlie clothing.
Bliz Sunglasses.
The races went well and Brian and I were able to win the 1/2 Marathons. It is truly a special moment to share the top step of the podium with your husband.  The course was beautiful and the atmosphere was amazing! The event and entire weekend was so much fun, a huge thank you to American Birkebeiner Foundation and the many volunteers who make this event such a success.

On Sunday Morning we woke up early and headed out to Cable to host a rollerski clinic presented by our new sponsor Timber Ford of Hayward. The event was a huge success and we followed up the 30 minute clinic with another 3.5 hours of skiing on Lake Owen Drive. 

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