Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Dirt to Food

This spring the kids and I started a Garden Club.  We wrote to the Harrison Neighborhood Association to apply for a plot at the community garden a short walk from Harrison Park.  We collected a small amount of money for seeds and went to go check out the piece of dirt which was now ours. 

We came back to the Park and developed a plan for what we wanted to grow and where we would put it.  Spring came pretty early to Minneapolis this year but we didn't want to plan too early.  We started by drawing and coloring signs to label our rows.  Unfortunately, our plastic sleeves didn't work as well as we had hoped and our beautiful signs need to be redone.  You can still make out the outline of the vegetable growing in a particular row.
A month ago this garden was only dirt, and last summer only weeds.

Can anyone guess what this is?  Who wants a salad?

Angela proud of her first harvest.

Radishes, better than Extra Spicy Cheetos

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