Sunday, July 1, 2012


After a break from formal education for the past 8 years (where does the time go?), I decided to jump back in to school and studying.   I just finished an intense 5 week anatomy class. After being away from school for so long I had a steep learning curve when it came time to study and review for the next day's exam or lab practical. I have never found myself sitting still for so long in my entire life! The class was fantastic and I loved learning every bit of information in the condensed format.

Preparing for the Final Exam.  I had a test each day of the week leading up to the final too.
Uphill Sprints

Focusing on class has allowed my hamstring/glute injury a chance to heal and I have been feeling really good running.  Last weekend I filled in for a friend in the Tri-Loppet 5km and felt great.  I ran even faster than last year.

Tomorrow, I start my next course, Physiology.  I again look forward to learning a lot. There have been many topics that I wish I could have reviewed way back when I was a young athlete. I am in the process of fulfilling my prerequisites for PA school.  My goal is to start full-time school in May of 2014, so right after the Olympics.

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