Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brian and I are back in Minnesota!!! We are holding a Ski Clinic and Super Fit event at Finn Sisu! Stop by and say hello if you get a chance. We have spent the past couple of months training in Washington State, and while it is beautiful there and totally inspiring, nothing beats coming home! The Midwest has been my home for the past 13 years, 8 of them here in Minneapolis!!! Whenever I am in the area my favorite things to do are 1) Visit Ahvo 2) Ski with the Vakava Crew 3) Ski Intervals in Edina 4) Train with Piotr and his numerous workout groups (always guaranteed to be painful but fun!) 5) Ski with the local juniors! Especially the Loppet Nordic Crew!!!
This Saturday I had the opportunity to check a number of my favorites off the list. A few brave Loppet Juniors and Tom Carlson came out in below freezing temps to rollerski the infamous River Road Hill in Afton, MN. The hill is a good 40 minutes away from my house but the drive is always beautiful and the hill never disappoints. This time Beth Cork came out and drove the van down for us so that our recovery was short and safe :) Thanks Beth!!!

The Crew before the workout began
 Giving a few pointers on V1 Technique before we start. We also went over the fun van loading and unloading drills that are necessary for the workout to be smooth and efficient! We "Nailed It."

Ready to begin!
The Workout was 6 X 4mins of uphill skate skiing with 4mins of recovery between. Most of the crew did either 4 or 5 because they are not as old as I am ;)
This workout is not one that Scott has had us do this year but it is a workout I have been doing for years and therefore have times, heart rates and lactates for. I always believe in progression and checking in with where you are at. I am happy to report that I skiing well and feeling strong. My times were great and my hear rates were the lowest I have seen on the hill. It is fun to see this kind of progress when training my training is so different from years past.

Ready to start another!
The "Fun" van ride to the bottom. Ingrid said she skis up the hill just so she can riide do in the van each time! Love it!!!

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