Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Season Begins!!!

Pete Checking my range of motion in my injured hamstring. Thanks to Pete it is fully functional again :)
The past two weeks were a whirl-wind of travel and training. Once Brian and I finished up in Minneapolis we flew to Chicago for a weekend Super-Fit Clinic hosted by four of the CXC Team athletes. Once the clinic was over Brian and I boarded a plane for Seattle. Once in Seattle we picked up Chad's (Brian's twin brother) car and drove to the Methow. After one night in the yurt we were back to training and preparing for our upcoming season.
Pete working on my "always" tight hip flexors!
This fall I have been working with Pete Dickinson from Winthrop Physical Therapy. He has been an amazing asset to my training and recovery. Pete is not only a great Physical Therapist, he is also an avid Nordic skier himself. It is common for me to have Pete show up to some of my intensity and speed sessions at the track so he can get in a workout himself. The benefit of having a PT on hand while you are being coached on new technique yields incredible results. I can remember Scott telling me to open my hips more during speed repeats and I was trying as hard as I could to change my body position. Pete called me over and started working on my hip flexors and sent me back to the workout. Incredibly I was able to nail the technique and drop my times significantly!

Pete and his wife Janice own and operate Winthrop Fitness as well, they allow me to workout in the facility whenever I need to. Their generosity is so fantastic and I look forward to racing fast this season so I can send them a few more World Cup/ World Championship bibs for their wall!
Me and my great equipment provided by my current sponsors! Thanks to all of them for keeping me skiing fast!
After leaving Winthrop I felt ready the next stage of my season. Race Time!!! I am currently in West Yellowstone, MT preparing for the next couple of days of race prepping before my season kicks of this Friday the 23rd of November with a Skate Sprint. I am really excited to get the season started and to have Scott join me in another day. It's been fun to get on snow and hang out with my CXC teammates but I really miss having Scott around at my workouts. Brian and I both keep in touch with Scott multiple times a day which helps Scott know how we are acclimating and adjusting to snow skiing at altitude!!!
Skiing in snowy Montana and Loving it!

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