Monday, March 25, 2013

Back at Whistler Olympic Park

It feels great to be racing again at the Whistler Olympic Park.  I haven't been back to Whistler since the 2010 games and what better way to kick it off than with my favorite event the 5km Freestyle.  In the Oympics we raced a 10km Freestyle but I like 5km even better.
Thanks to Brian's Mom for setting us a little cooking kit so that we can eat like kings even living out of a hotel room
I miss finishing my morning jog and coming to the meal room with every possible option in the world laid out before you.  We are actually staying down in Squamish where lodging is a bit less expensive, but we have a really nice setup.
One of the thing Brian and I have really tried to embrace while on the road is making everywhere our home.  We have a hot plate so we can cook just about anywhere and we take it on as a game to make it awesome!  We cooked up our favorite pre-race meal of salmon, quinoa and spinach salad with just a microwave and a hot plate.
Our corner room has a view of the beautiful snow covered mountains but the grass is green on the lawn.

The Stadium
Super happy to be on top!

A huge thanks to my wax technicians and coaches Andy and Igor.  My skis were fantastic and I really appreciate you guys being here.  This trip was not part of the team's original budget so we are covering it out of pocket.  Andy and Igor offered to come to help support us for free.  Thanks guys!

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