Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Full two weeks of Training, Travel and Racing!

Wow! What an incredible two weeks I have had!!! After we found out that Brian made the Olympic Team and I did not we got to work hashing out our next plans. Brian was headed to Sochi to represent the USA at the Olympics and I was headed back to the US to get people excited about Team Gregg and hopefully win some races and make some money :)

Before I left Europe I had the chance to spend another 10 days with my favorite training buddy (Brian). We explored the Italian Ski Trails that meandered through the valleys of the Dolomite Mountains and spend hours running and at the gym! Although one goal was met we still had more racing left to prepare for!

After Italy I dropped Brian in Munich for his Olympic processing and I hoped a plane to Vermont. It was probably one of the hardest good-byes I have ever had to say to him but I am so happy for him that it quickly subsided. I quickly met up with some old friends, the Mallorys, from my high school racing days in Vermont and we traveled together all the way to their house near Burlington. 

I just finished a full week of high volume and a weekend of high intensity racing here in Vermont and I am hoping that my solid results will help me secure the Super Tour overall so I can re-join Brian on the World Cup again this spring :)

I head home tomorrow and I am excited to sleep in my own bed for the first time in 4-1/2 months! I am also thrilled to get to watch the US Ski Team ladies make history on Tuesday at the Olympics!!! Go Team USA!!!

Some photos from the past few weeks below:

Interval Day at the Toblach Stadium!

Beautiful Over-distance Ski 

Psyched to be together!!!
More intervals, testing and coaching each other.

The reward for a long ski up the mountain

The grooming was perfect everyday! These guys get it done early!

Happy to be getting a coffee!

Holly Brooks my roomie from the 2010 Olympics
Goal Reached!
The Mallorys who were the best travel partners I could have imagined coming to Vermont from Munich too!

The Midwest gals all racing for East Coast colleges/ Universities

Dick Drissengacker and Judy Geer (below) the owners of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center! Their generosity this week was amazing!!! Thank you!
Jen Rolfes who I used to coach all grown up and graduating from Harvard this spring!

The Alberta World Cup Academy from Canmore, AB who helped me wax all weekend! My skis were rockets and I am so thankful!

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