Monday, February 23, 2015

A Big Thanks to my Teammates!

Everyone knows how much hard work goes into reaching your goals. Words such a dedication, persistence, perseverance and sacrifice are among a few of the terms used to describe the scenario involved with performing your best. There is another element, that has often be referenced in Nordic Skiing in the past but that I wanted to highlight on the Eve of my 2015 World Championships Debut (I am racing the 10K tomorrow!), that is the role of teammates.

As I look back on this past year of training and racing I can't help but remember the workouts and adventures that involved my other LNR teammates. Sure there were plenty of solo efforts that were probably integral in my success but for some reason I can't think of them now. All I picture is the hard work and effort put in by everyone on the group training days. Even when I was hundreds or thousands of miles away, I remember seeing the photos and reading the posts about what the LNR athletes were doing and how they motivated me to do my best that day too!

As the results poured in from the early winter races I was fixated on how the "Team" was doing and almost looked forward to seeing their successes (I include Brian in this group too) than I was about my own upcoming World Cups. It was the greatest feeling knowing how hard everyone had worked together over the spring, fall and summer and seeing the results show that effort as well.

When I came back from a less than stellar World Cup period 1, it was amazing to get the group together again in Houghton, Michigan and prepare for what we would soon realize was an incredible week of racing.

I can remember on a few of our longer workouts talking about our goals for the season. All the girls knew I was shooting for the 10K here at World Champs and now that it is only a day away I can't help but feel their support and encouragement even though I have been gone for so long!

I look forward to representing our LNR team and Team USA tomorrow. It's a wonderful feeling knowing how many people make these opportunities and dreams possible. I look forward to helping the rest of the LNR crew (including Brian) continue to reach their goals and dreams too!


Andreas Nilsson said...

Congratulations on your bronze medal Caitlin! Watching the race and seeing our Charlotte taking home the gold was a big moment for me and rest of Sweden, but hearing about your story and how your hard work payed off really made my day and left a big impression on me. Best of luck in the future!


Jessie Kay said...

My heart has been filled with so much joy upon hearing about your bronze medal Caitlin! You have made such a larger impact, beyond a World Championship medal, in the Minneapolis and U.S. ski community, and I know so many people (including me) value your and Brian's inspiration and presence within the LNR family. Your work there is your true legacy- you and Brian have both sacrificed so much, but you have continually gave so much to those around you. You are a fighter, but more importantly a leader, and I cannot wait to see what more you will accomplish!! Sending you a virtual hug from Montana! I am overjoyed and ecstatic about your accomplishment!!

Stephen Bullard said...

Hopefully in every athletes life, you have that one moment where possibility, opportunity, and preparation intersect and there is a chance for a epic upset.

Congratulations on seizing your moment!

You made history!


Stephen Bullard said...
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