Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heading to the 2015 Nordic World Championships!

I am very excited about heading to 2015 World Championships in less than a week! Below is an interview from one of the media sources (Fasterskier) for Nordic Skiing here in the US!

Questions from Landar Karath:

1. This is your first World Champs since 2009. How does it feel to return to arguably one of the biggest events in Nordic ski racing?
I am very excited about the upcoming opportunity to represent the US and all of my supporters and sponsors on the "World Stage" again. I have a lot of awesome teammates and coaches with Loppet Nordic Racing who helped me reach this goal and I am happy to represent them as well. 

2. When did you find out you made the team and how did you feel once you got the news? 
I found out I made the team a few days before the official announcement and I was beyond ecstatic! 

3. What did you think your chances were to make the team? (I remember you said earlier this season that you heard a rumor it was just USSTers who would be chosen.) 
Honestly...I wasn't sure. I've heard a lot of rumors regarding team selections and size over the past couple of years and I realized that it is completely out of my control. The only thing I can do is focus on skiing my best.

4. Were the 2014 Olympic selections on your mind this season? How did any of those feelings factor into this year's quest to be on the World Champs team? 
Yes and No. I had a pretty incredible season last year and felt strong from beginning to end. Olympics or not I had a blast and will always remember 2014 with fondness!I learned a lot about why I love this sport and why I choose to continue committing so much time towards it. I approached this past summer and fall knowing I had a great opportunity to learn from racing the fall World Cups. Although I wasn't 100%, I still came away with some of the best experiences of my racing career (even if the results didn't show it). 

5. You and Brian unfortunately were not able to compete together at either the 2014 Olympics or this year's World Champs. Is there any disappointment there? Will he remain in the U.S. while you're competing?
We try to look at everything in a positive way...which means that Team Gregg has successfully put athletes on the past two Olympic/ Championship Teams! Obviously we would love to go together but we need a goal for 2017 right! Brian will stay in the US and race one of the most important events for our sponsors, the American Birkebeiner. We love the Birkie and it has always been a great event for us.

6. Now that you've made the team, what are your goals for Falun? Is the 10 k freestyle a target? 
Yes the 10 K Freestyle race is my target event. I have been preparing soley for that race for the past month here in Frisco, CO. Training is going well and I am looking forward to getting back to Sweden!

7. You mentioned in Houghton that you were still feeling the effects of ill health (shingles) and travel in the form of fatigue. How is your health now? How is your skiing feeling as you ready for World Champs? 
I am feeling so much better now. I would say that all of the symptoms and lingering fatigue are completely gone now. I have been able to put in one of my best mid-season training blocks ever this past 6 weeks and I am really looking forward to racing again! I have had a really positive response to training at altitude in the past and we had to get a little creative about how to keep my sea-level speed and power up at over 9,000 ft but I am feeling good about the hard work and rest I have put in.

8. Will you race in Ă–stersund this weekend? If so, what are your goals for the race(s)? 
I will not be racing in Ostersund this weekend. I heard it was an option a bit too late for me to take advantage of the opportunity. My training, racing and travel plans were already lined out to have me head over just as the Championships start. I love Ostersund and have had good races in the past there. Last time I was there was the 2008 World Championships for Biathlon.

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