Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring with Loppet Nordic Racing

Claire and me crushing the 100 Mile mark!

This spring has been incredible in Minnesota. We have had our fair share of rain but the temperatures and conditions have otherwise been fantastic. Despite the perfect conditions Brian and I haven't been able to get out as much as we would like because we are so busy with work and other community obligations but that's how we love to spend our springs! We are now at May 1st and pretty excited to start focusing more time and energy on our training.
Abby and I have been doing a lot of great testing for the upcoming year.
Although we work a lot this time of year we have been trying to squeeze in workouts/ adventures or activities whenever we can. I have been joining the Loppet Nordic Racing program a few days a week as well as dropping in and guest coaching at some of the various adult group programming. It's been a fun way to stay active and meet new people or re-connect with the great LNR community that supports Team Gregg so well.
Women's Block Training Group

Monday night strength

Coach Kim leading out the Women's group

Workout instructions
In addition to trying to get outdoors as much as possible I have also recently started back into my strength training with Max at The Power House. It's been fun to track progress and line out the my plan for the upcoming season and what my specific racing goals are and how we can use strength training to get there. Brian has started to train with Max too and it's been really fun to have him around to throw medicine balls at me :)
Max looking at my functional mobility at the start of the training year.

The LNR juniors once again were the top club at Junior Nationals this year and it's no mystery why. These guys work hard and they work smart. We have a huge club with lots of athletes but we also have athletes who show up wanting to be the best they can be everyday. I love coming back from US Ski Team camps and sharing everything I learned about the latest double poling technique or returning from the World Cup and updating everyone on how my season is going and what I have learned in the process. This year we have set the bar even higher for everyone and have already defined our goals as a club and as individuals for the upcoming training and racing season.

Today marked a big first for many of the athletes who joined Brian and Myself for our workout. We biked over 100 Miles. It's been many years since I have biked that far and the athletes did great.

Our 100 Mile Crew!

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