Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Afternoon at Sibley Park

I spent last Monday afternoon with multiple groups at the Sibley Recreation Center. The fun began with the younger kids who belong to the Rec Plus crew! We took a lot of video where they showed me their new personal cell phones. Since the girls didn't have their own cell phones they decided to make some out of construction paper. Unfortunately I could not get the video to upload. I will keep trying though! After the Rec Plus kids left the Youthline group arrived.

Everybody was pretty happy about the beginning of winter being just around the corner, which is great considering can get pretty cold here in Minnesota, and the temperatures have been dropping fast! Some kids who are a part of the Antwadin School and the City Of Lake Loppet new Skier Development Group had the opportunity to try Ski Walking on the trails at Theodore Wirth. Ski Walking is a little like Cross Country Skiing but without skis and snow. Hopefully the Sibley Crew will be able to get out and join the Antwadin group this week to try Ski Walking themselves before the snow falls. I am working really hard on getting some skis for Sibley Park so that everyone can enjoy snow skiing this winter at Theodore Wirth.

We concluded the evening with personal ice cream makers. Using cream, sugar, flavorings, and coloring, we placed the ingredients in one plastic bag and then dropped it into another bag filled with rock ice. Rock is insanely cold, which is why it works so well for quick ice cream. You shake the bags and the cream mixture begins to freeze into Ice Cream!

I even had the opportunity to brush up on my math facts and lend a hand in some decimal multiplication. Despite everyone else starting their ice cream, Juan was incredible diligent and finished all his work which made the ice cream even better!

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