Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Week Left!!!

Only one week until the City of Lakes Tri-Loppet event (and urban off-road triathlon) and everyone is gearing up for a great event. Over the past two and a half months 30 kids from the Anwatin and Anderson middle schools have been meeting three days a week to train for the race.

The entire program was free for the kids and a number of local businesses and organizations donated time, products, and educational info about staying active and healthy throughout life. Many thanks to all who helped!

So after many days of running, orienteering, obstacle courses, canoing, biking (and mountain biking), swimming, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee and rollerskiing we are ready for the race.

The most challenging obstacle for the Tri-Loppet group is that it was an after school program at Anderson and Anwatin Schools which means that when school is over the buses are too! This means that two weeks ago was the last day of school and after school activities but not the Tri-Loppet group. So the goal was to try and get as many kids to continue meeting at the training times and locations as possible. The turnout has been great and the volunteer drivers have been very appreciated.The next goal is to get as many kids early on Saturday morning to and from the event with smiling faces and a sense of accomplishment. Margaret (my CSD) and I have been orchestrating an incredible schedule that will pickup all the kids who are registered, pick up all bibs and race info, assign and fit them to a bike, and bring them to the start where a canoe and paddle will be waiting. Again there has been a huge number of volunteers who have offered to paddle, bike and run with a kid to help them along!

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