Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When does Exercise become Training?

My friend and teammate Jojo Winters and I were driving to the YWCA to teach a Nordic Walking Clinic earlier today, and we were discussing ways to get the group excited about getting out and doing Nordic Walking within a continuous exercise plan. As we were talking to the group I accidentally slipped the word “training” into the conversation, and realized that not everyone who exercises is necessarily “training” for something. Or are they?

When does “Exercise” become “Training”?

Whenever I go out for a ski, run, or to the gym I call it training, regardless of duration or intensity, it’s all training. I call it training because I have a goal in mind, and every session gets me closer to that goal. Jojo and I came to the realization that many people go for skis and runs, and to the gym with a much different goal. They simply want to live healthier lives, and enjoy their daily workouts, or escape from the stresses of life. Would you call that training, or simply exercising? Do more people say, “I’m heading out for exercise.”, or “I’m heading out to train.” Exercise and training are not really any different. They are different in scope of what they might hope to accomplish, heading to the Olympics, or completing a 5km run/walk, or simply losing a few pounds of weight.

When we were speaking to the group, we thought that using the word training might be somewhat intimidating to the group, but as we walked around the indoor track with the group, I realized that although this isn’t a part of training specifically for anything, this is still exercising, and everyone at the clinic who was talking part, was exercising, and just as focused and determined as I am training.

I also realized how much fun I was having, and although I would not log this time specifically in my training log, I hope to bring the “fun” into my other tough workouts I might have, and remember that it is all exercise.

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