Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hitting the Road Again

After a few weeks of training it's time to start hitting the road.

I had some of my first Rollerskiing intervals this week along with a VO2 Max test and strength test. Training is back in full swing again. The weather has been great here in Minnesota. Lots of sunshine and around 60 degrees. I will admit I am jealous of the many skiers who got to take a little spring break either in the mountains or at the beach!

I took the opportunity this spring to catch up with a lot of CXC and personal sponsor obligations. I felt like I had a fulltime job, as most days I couldn't even get out to do other activities! I also caretake at my apartment building, which helps reduce the the rent, so my spring was filled with a lot of post winter raking and cleanup around the grounds. Not the most glamorous spring but it's what I have to do to afford to race all winter.

Now in less then a week my training camp season will start as well in Bend, OR. I have never been to Bend before so I am excited to see and ski somewhere new! My coach will not be there, so I will be training with the Methow Valley Ski Team and Scott Johnston thanks to the help of fellow ITA athlete Brian Gregg.

I hope to post some videos from the workout this weeked when I get my camera working again.

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