Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silver Star

Hello Everyone!

We are currently in Silver Star racing on the Canadian Nor Am circuit. We put in another solid week of training (a bit easier though) after West Yellowstone and we raced yesterday and today on the World Cup courses from 2005. I must admit that I instantly felt like the more challenging terrain was a very welcomed change after West Yellowstone's races.

Yesterday was not my best sprint day. I had a little trouble feeling comfortable on my own skis in the qualifier and then couldn't quite make the Lucky Loser spot. Actually the photo finish tape was still being reviewed as they started the semi final without me. Bryan Fish and I were a little shocked. Oh Well. Laura Valaas a former CXC Team teammate and ITA teammate Dominated!

Today was my first Nor Am victory! I was really excited when they changed the technique to skate from classic earlier in the week. I had an early start early in the race but I started 15 seconds behind Milaine Theriault. She is an Olympian, Canadian National Team member and best of all a 35 year old mother! As soon as I caught her we battled it out the remaining 6 Kilometers of the race. She is tough!

Looks looks like the races will be moved here from Whistler next week. I will send more updates as the week progresses as well as update my blog!

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