Wednesday, July 14, 2010


At Last...

It’s amazing how much of my life I have spent obsessed with the hope that those little droplets of rain falling from the sky would freeze and explode into an array of crystallized wonder beneath my feet!

“As I waited for the train to stop moving, breaks squealing louder than normal from the rain outside, I can remember thinking how much warmer it was underground. I always just assumed it was from all of the people close together, breathing a lot. It was warmth you could see escape, spewing from the metal -grates on the sidewalks or manholes in the street, almost eerily from below with no visible source.

Leaving the station, and climbing the stairs up to daylight and the hustle and bustle of the City, I saw it! A snowflake! My first snowflake of the season! I ran up the remaining stairs and stood face to the sky waiting for more. They fell slowly, drifting softly and peacefully onto the noisy and dirty street below. I knew it was here, Winter! I had been waiting all year for winter to return and it was finally here. As I walked the few blocks to my Grandmother’s apartment, I grinned and stirred with anticipation. Snow falling in New York City meant snow on the ground in Vermont. Snow in Vermont meant that I could once again ski.

I could hardly wait for that Friday evening when my parents would load our ski gear into the car and we would leave the bright lights and tall buildings of New York for the snow-covered mountains of Vermont. As we approached the George Washington Bridge my eyelids would get heavy with sleep as my mind dreamed of more snow. Leaving the City behind, we entered the black night of the country. I mostly slept during the drive, being rocked by the rolling and twisting roads that lead to the silent country. I could hardly wait until morning when I could once again ski!

Today was the first snow of the season for me here in Minnesota. It came with the same excitement as when I was six years old and the visions of skiing are at the forefront of my mind. We have a little over a month before the season begins and I am looking forward to life gliding around on snow once again!

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