Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Spoon Bridge and Cherry (Minneapolis, MN)

I have to say that as excited as I get about leaving for training camp, I get even more excited about traveling home once the camp is over. I really look forward to completing a hard training camp and the relaxation and rebuilding phase that follows when I get home. This past training camp was one of the hardest I have ever done. We had almost 10 intensity sessions in the two weeks we spent at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.
                 Lake Placid from the Air (Bobsled run is the white line on the left)
Lake Placid is a great place to train. The environment is filled with the site and landmarks from the two Olympic Games (1932 + 1980) that have been held there. When entering the tiny upstate New York town you are greeted by beautiful rolling hills and the omniscient structures of the ski jumps. Downtown Olympic venues line the narrow streets and bobsleds are placed throughout Main Street much to the affection of the tourists, or even the CXC Team girls!

The Olympic Training Center, where we all stayed, is a bit off the beaten path but it is the perfect training venue. Plenty of good running and even rollerskiing from the doorstep, plenty of good quality ready to eat food, plenty of strength and conditioning equipment, plenty of recovery and rehabilitation access, and comfortable rooms. We basically have all the luxuries of a training Mecca! Despite all of these luxuries I still look forward to getting home returning to Minneapolis.

Minneapolis requires me to make a lot of sacrifices such as not getting as much recovery between workouts, paying for rent, food and gym memberships, dodging traffic on my workouts, and sometimes less than ideal terrain, but it is well worth it. I have a great group of extremely motivated friends who, despite having full-time jobs, attending medical school, or taking care of their young kids, can push me in my workouts and motivate me to continue training and living a very active lifestyle after I retire from full-time competition.

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