Sunday, July 18, 2010

The next Chapter...

It is now Mid-July and the weather is hot and humid here in Minneapolis. Last night we had some incredible storms that set the Tornado Sirens blaring!!! Kinda fun when you don't have to be out training in it :)

So after accomplishing my goals last season I decided that my new focus would be to spread my knowledge (both good and bad experiences) with the next up and coming generation of skiers. I have so much energy and enthusiasm for the sport that I could not let that go to waste. So I now spend most of my time trying to be the support, resource, and best friend I can for the younger girls around me.

This summer my new roomie moved into my apartment with Lahti and I. Her name is Jennie Bender and I encouraged her to move to the Twin Cities from Vermont and join CXC. I must say that there is something about us both being from Vermont (well at least I was from there for 12 years) that creates a fun bond between us. I remember what is was like when I made the decision to forgo more education or a career after college and blindly pursue my athletic endeavors. It was scary, risky and there was just so much unknown! So my goal is to help make this year a huge success for her.

I have been volunteer coaching with Piotr (my local club coach) 4 days a week this summer. My group is comprised of the older high school and college age girls. They are AWESOME!!! I have never been so proud of a group that I have worked with. They ask so many questions and work so hard everyday. I can't wait to see them succeed this winter :) I have also been working with a lot of other local club programs this summer. I have been a guest coach and speaker at not only ski practices but also basketball, soccer, softball and running camps or tournaments. The ability to help instill and foster hard work, goal setting and dedication in these younger athletes is an amazing feeling.

I have decide to race on the CXC Marathon Team this winter. After a lot of thought and budgeting, I can no longer attend camps two weeks out of every month. Instead I have taken advantage of the opportunity to work more with these local programs and begin the next chapter of my life. I have decided after many years of fundraising that I will now let the next generation of athletes benefit from the fantastic support in this ski community. I will no longer ask for help to travel to World Championships or World Cups when I qualify for them. Instead I will be working more and traveling less. I have been working like crazy so far this spring and summer. When I am not training I am working, when I should be training I am working.

I realized that after so many years of training and racing I do not have any resources saved up to start a family. The Olympics were a huge goal of mine for many years but I have always wanted a family even more. So at 29 I am now working towards my next goal :) Just like Jennie and the other young girls who are putting everything into their dreams I too have a goal and I will put everything into it.

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