Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minneapolis Mini-Triathlon

Last Week was one of the busiest of the spring/summer for the Tri-Loppet Group. We had a bit of a mini-triathlon within our daily activity. This wasn't intentional but rather a necessity due to a lack of bus transportation. So we used our resources wisely and had a great time! The biggest accomplishment was getting everyone really tired but happy when the day was done.

Thanks to the great location of Anderson Elementary School and is close proximity to the Mid-Town Greenway we could walk there in less then ten minutes. The Mid-Town Greenway Coalition once again leant us bikes to use. We took the bikes West on the Greenway to Lake Calhoun where we used canoes provided by Wheel Fun Rentals. We had a number of volunteers who came out to help for the afternoon. With two kids, and one adult per canoe we headed out to Lake of the Isles. We made a loop around the perimiter of the lake, and headed back to get on our bikes. The weather was perfect and the wind calm, the highlight for me was making it off the lake without getting soaked with water. Two years ago, I ended up swimming to shore because of a tipped over canoe. We biked back to the bike rental in time for everyone to catch thier rides home.

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